An overview of the Audio Manager App for Android & iOS

I am certain there have been a lot of cases in which a friend of yours are turning through your telephone's "Gallery" and then encounter a picture which they or you were not supposed to see. It has occurred to me and a number of different folks I know. Well, to get Android there is an excellent program that may address that issue! It is a completely free program in the Google Play store & from its app website that does precisely what you'd need it to perform, and much more. It is possible to use it in order to hide images, videos, specific programs, documents, text messages as well as locks your preferred program. What is even more amazing about it's that it disguises itself as a "Audio Manager" program so that individuals which are moving through your telephone won't understand what it actually does. Surprisingly in addition, it functions well as a sound manager program, so in nature, it has two programs in a single.

The program is quite straightforward and easy to establish. Upon launching you simply simple long press on the "Audio Manager" icon on very top and it'll direct you to the start page. When there, you may either decide to get a "trap" established entry system or even a "password" established entry system. I find it quicker and matches my taste to have a snare established entrance, but a whole lot favor a password so that it's up to your own liking. Now, remember that anything you shop in the program will be encoded and you also will not have the ability to discover it in any manner, by going via your SD card that you won't have the ability to find it. Thus I suggest you make copies and save them onto your own pc or you may simply simply "un-hide" the program whenever you would enjoy access to it through your own SD card. As soon as you're at the vault you may observe each one the situations which you are going to have the ability to conceal and it ranges from images all of the way to music along with specific programs. The Capability to conceal your images Is Most Likely the most useful feature of the app

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